Check out our current group of survivors! Remember, Kitsap Crossfit and Poulsbo Athletic Club cater to all readiness levels! Don't be discouraged if you've never lifted weights, kick-boxed, done zumba, or any other group exercise a day in your life. The coaches are patient, kind and eager to see you succeed. 

About the Program:​

Survive & Thrive is an 8 week coach-led, lifestyle education program catered to women cancer survivors. The schedule generally looks like this:  

  • ​Initial kick-off meeting where the participants will get to know each other and their coaches
  • 5 interactive group meetings so the survivors can share their progress and goals
  • 2 group workouts per week- this is the fun stuff!
  • ​Participants also get to utilize the Kitsap Crossfit and Poulsbo Athletic Club as often as they'd like during this 8 week program! We encourage you to check out the facility on your own!

​​What the program focuses on:

  • ​Diet & Nutrition: ​Education on diet & nutrition, meal planning, cooking demos & healthy eating habits.
  • Exercise & Fitness: ​Local gym memberships, fitness instruction, group and individual workouts.
  • Support & Community: ​Group meetings share progress, encouragement, and support.


  • ​​​​Cooking demos & taste-test comparisons
  • Recipe exchanges
  • ​Fitness assessments (Pre & Post)
  • ​Wellness challenges

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